Monday, October 17, 2011

Awana Genting

Assalamualaikum people.

Last....i forgot actually. oh ye on 22-23 sept I was at Awana Genting. weehhoooo awana domino teambuilding race. 2 days and a night. for detail info please click here. this is part of our training. we had fun and at the same time getting to know everyone better. first thing to do was to find our team shirts. mereka telah dengan sengaja misplaced all the shirts. given a clue we need to find and at the same time come out with our team cheer. well my team was orange team. then, we had minefield and crocodile pit. we are very fortunate because we did not fall into the pond and did not get wet at all. well, we won the crocodile pit thingy. minefield was same like minesweeper, only we need to step on the right path to get to the end.

later in the evening, we had mini extreme games; archery, abseiling, rock-climbing and squash. scary but fun! rugi kalau x main. abseiling was fun. really!

at night we got ticket to go up to genting and play! but i did not do so because my friend did not want to. rugi kan? tapi takpelah. lepaking kat bilik je malam tu. the next day was domino creation. a very stress moment to complete a task. but my small team manage to handle it alhamdulillah. so, what i can conclude is planning is very important in completing any task/jobs. like a japan proverb, 'go slow to go fast', correct me if i am wrong. So during crocodile pit, my team was the last to start but we are the only team to finish without falling. so below are some photos taken during the camp.

the video of domino creation

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