Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fall and rise

I want to do thousands and billions of mistakes
I want to be scolded
I want to be laughed at for silly mistakes
and get stress and cry and get thin huhu
therefore I can learn and improve a lot
people make mistakes and learn from that (theoretically it is true)
but somehow I am afraid to do mistakes.. =(
I want things to go accordingly, smooth and easy by any means

I want to be talkative and friendly type of person
When I told my friends I am a quiet person, I will be laughed at
They don't buy it you know!?
But seriously it is true!
even sometimes when I am watching tv and my sister asks what is the story about I will just keep quiet and sometimes I will reply watch it la then you know, kejam kan? (But when I rajin I tell her)
Most of my family members do not talk much but that does not mean we don't talk at all!
bunyi seperti family yang membosankan, kan?
But I love all of them because we grew together and still growing together under one roof

So people be happy and do mistakes! that applies to me also!


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