Saturday, March 26, 2011

Job Hunting


hari ini nak tulis tentang apa yang berlaku semalam dan hari ini. semalam saya dan teman-teman telah pergi menapak ke PWTC sempena BN Youth Job Fair 2011. Well, I guess it offers more than what we had at KLCC However, it depends. Ada rezeki alhamdulillah, tak ada rezeki usaha lagi.

We went there by public transport.
waiting for the bus

isi minyak untuk bergerak

Bila sampai kitorang terus ke counter check point untuk mendapatkan barcode. unfortunately, paeh couldn't do so. she needs to reregister at the website. time register tu pulak tak tahu macam mana nak insert '@'. the symbol appeared differently, if i am not mistaken it was fujuitsu brand. so we find another laptop for paeh. alhamdulillah, finally she was able to register.

register first

entering the hall...

here we are~
top view

isi borang

isi lagi...

dan lagi...saed dah lapar sampai tarik pipi =)

alhamdulillah, akhirnya berakhir juga job hunting di pwtc ini. semoga usaha yang murni mndapat hasil.

Hari ini kami telah mengembara ke bumi UPM untuk meninjau apa yang berlaku di sana.

it was edited by saed..funny,isn't it?

we went there for postgraduate day. to get information on what they offer for master study. well, it is good to have an event like this and i hope that everyone got the information they're looking for. not only that, during this event UPM offers free admission fee (RM60) for those who apply at the event. that is the main reason why we went there =). some pictures during the event
still not decided what to do after graduated. trying to finish my final year project. i really hope that it would turn out great. so, that's it for now. have a nice day (^_^)

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