Saturday, December 4, 2010




You have to love what you do. AND You have to know what you love. And it's quite simple. What gets you out of bed? What makes you excited? Listen to your heart. If you don't know what makes you excited, go out there and try everything until you find out and do it fast.

if only i found those magnificient words before SPM, it would be much better ...but in Islam there's never ever too late. it is still useful i hope!


nufa said...

wohoo.. best seyh..
bnyk ke kete canggih manggih?

atul said...

byk juga! ada EV;electric vehicle, lori & truck pun ada, batmobile batman. kereta mahal2, sports car, naza motors & naza bikes, harley davidson

p/s-xtahu nama & jenis kereta la

.::aLiEsYa::. said...

uiks..bestnyer..atul..akak ada kasi award untuk atul..nanti amik tau kalau sudi =)