Tuesday, October 20, 2009

personality type quiz


and your result is....

'You put your heart on your sleeve. when you're sad, angry or happy everyone knows it. you cant help it!. you're in touch with your emotions and are'nt afraid to share it. you tends to have lots of crushes(celebrities,friends,neighbors,you name it!) and you hope to find true love someday.

is it? IS IT? hmm may be...not all...
but it is true that peole can read me actually...like today i was down a bit and kak umi asked y u're looking so sad? hehe
i am learning to express my emotions in a good way so that no one thinks i'm such annoying person huhu
sharing your feelings with the one u trust is ok but LOTS of CRUSHES ???? loyalty is my attitude....or may be it s not haha


atul,bnyk masa sangat ke sampai sempat buat kuiz ni?

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