Friday, July 3, 2009

apekah rancgn tv kegemaran anda?

i couldn't sleep tonite so i'm trying to do something other than just looking at the ceiling
so i have a question here what is your favourite subject in school??

my favourite subject is accounting..i was like fall in love in accounting. maybe because my tuition teacher skill of teaching is excellent like son goku trained son gohan

and i hate physics so much, but sometimes we are not meant to do what we love.

the next question would be what is your hobby during your primary school

i was well trained by my brothers since i learn ABC..
i love to read dragon ball Z very much yup we have the collection until the final episode which is 43 but not anymore..some missing
at that time they are crazy bout sega,playstation
i used to play sega,playstation,Xbox
so cool when you have many brothers
unlike my sister
she likes to go out,shopping..meeting with friends
i hate crowds..make me tense,dizzy hahaha
suffer in silence i am

and when i was in standard 6 i like to read detective conan up until now
that little kid conan is very slow..when he's going to be shinichi like forever??poor Ran.i always like them as couple but heiji is still the best
cause everytime i look at heiji i smile
and i love when he fight with kazuha kyaa!

like other typical female teenager tv is like a magic box
there are so much series i watched like dawson creek,popular,rosswell
duh..i don't know y i watch that kind of tv drama
plus hindustan,winter sonata

the thing that i want to say here is right now i'm addicted to house!! yeay
a bit grey's anatomy
the doctors yup admire them though i don't understand much the terms and condition they applied cause i couldn't digest biology
but i enjoyed the series very much

so what am i thinking now is how to connect my sentences?
man..i am so bad in essay trust me
nazira is so good in essay cause whenever u read it it flows smoothly
ok i'm out of the topic i guess
but i think this is merepekking episode 2


Are::Teem said...

kau tgk popular..?
aku juge!
oh masih segar watak2 di kepla aku
oh kau juga

i think we r meant to be BFF!
even the character in DC we like is the same

oh my!

how i miss u!!!!!

atul said...


selepas menulis entry ini baru aku bole tido.sila abaikan kesalahan tatabahasa


baiklah BFF

atul said...

kt popular kan ingt x cikgu lab diorg yg psycho selalu bg F kt diorg hahaha

ak suke sam yg rambut hitam n bdk laki kwn die hehe