Sunday, June 21, 2009


today i read is very rare of me to read newspaper cause it makes me yawn every time i read the lineshuargh~!!..then i'll feel sleepppy..but today is different..i was like shock of myself hahaPhotobucket

it is about a magnificent woman; Securiforce Sdn Bhd executive chairman Datuk Maznah Hamid. i was attracted when she said about discipline.

masalah utama orang kita ialah disiplin.perniagaan seperti ini beroperasi 24 jam sehari. kesanggupan untuk mengorbankan waktu tidur memerlukan disiplin yang tinggi
she is right. i couldn't agree more haha. crystal clear that discipline is very important subject in life. u need it to finish ur job on time. u need it to achieve ur goal.

i wish i could be like her..i am always procrastinate my work and that is not good..cause it will stress me up at the end of the day but what to throw away this dark side of me really need a mount of effort muahahaha..try to be matuared,responsible,disciplined and patient but it turn out the other way..*please find the antonyms for those attitude. it's a homework do now! a.s.a.p*

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