Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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There is 1 class that I fear the most this semester. commu and c.i.e student call it microp for short. It stands for MICROPROCESSOR AND INTERFACING. The lecturer is too brilliant and genius. He is a Malaysian(I knew that in the middle of this semester, I thought he is a foreigner in the 1st place :-P) I don’t even understsnd the joke he made in class. He is quite scary for me I don’t know what others think of him but during lab session he is acting so nice and helpful. i don’t know y?weird…~
My midterms all getting worse and worse. Screwed up this semester. don’t know what’s gonna happen to me..aaaaa..Allah
Saya selalu berharap yg sy akn study setiap hari bkn study bila nk exam..contohnye isnin belajar topic 2.11 generating a memory address pastu balik bilik bkk buku text n read la the whole thing under 2.11 tp tu hanyalah perancangan hakikatnye sy selalu study last minute dan sbb itulah ibu membebel kat sy dr sekolah smpi ke uni.
“diya,jgn buat kerja last minute” kata ibu
Alahai ibu…
Dan sem nisgt teruk..everything teruk tak tahu kenapa?ade jwpn tp xtahu knp x jumpa..
Class signal td x fhm ape dr.sigit ajar fourier transform??lg 20 minit b4 class end die sengih2
“saed, aku rase die senyum ade gaye nk buat pop kuiz la” sy ckp kat best friend sy.
Saed sengih je.sekali betul la die buat pop kuiz hampeh betul.
After signal is math,check hphone ade msg from rajin
‘do undrstnd wats going on?it seems ur lost lyk me.lol’ rajin the who-love-to-ask-questions student.

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